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How far in advance should I schedule the transport of my vehicle?

Please contact us for a transport quote as soon as possible, and provide us with at least one week advance notice of an order confirmation and pickup date. Carriers sometimes plan their loads a week in advance, but will also pick up last minute vehicles that are available. We have carriers that are delivering vehicles all over the country. The sooner we have your information, the better we can plan, and achieve your overall shipping goals.

What situations might warrant extra fees?

Most car types will generally fall into the same standard price quoting range. A nominal fee can be expected if your vehicle is inoperable, oversized or modified. Please inform us of these conditions when making arrangements so that we can have the proper equipment available to move and deliver your car safely. In addition, if we dispatch a carrier and the vehicle is not ready for one reason or another, this will result in a dry run fee of at least $100.

What are your payment options?

A partial payment is due after an exact date for pickup has been secured by Dispatcher. Balance can be paid either COD or via credit card at dispatch.

If your vehicle has already been dispatched to a carrier, and you change your mind about the transport, a refund of your initial partial payment will not be granted. In addition, a refund will not be granted under the following circumstances.

1) You later select a different transport option or hire another carrier

2) The vehicle is not ready for pick up on the date set forth as agreed
3) The vehicle was not as described (custom modifications, non-running at time of pick up) and could not therefore be loaded by the carrier at the time of pickup.

How long is a shipping quote guaranteed?

Shipping quotes are good for 7 days assuming we have all the correct information. We cannot guarantee it for longer than 7 days due to fluctuating fuel prices and load availabilities.

Is my car insured during transport?

Yes, in addition to coverage provided by the carrier, you will also need to have insurance coverage in place for the vehicle prior to being transported.  The carrier’s policy is in force only in situations where damage is the direct result of the driver’s negligence. We do verify existing physical damage insurance for every carrier we do business with. We also make sure they have an excellent safety rating to ensure that your vehicle is handled properly during transport. Any loss that occurs due to an “act of God” would fall under your policy.

How soon will the car be picked up and delivered?

Unless we have agreed to an exact pickup date or window, we strive to have your vehicle picked up within 5 business days of receiving a booked order. However, factors like weather, construction routes, traffic issues and mechanical breakdowns may cause unavoidable delays, so we cannot offer a guarantee. We know that your vehicle is very important, and we always strive to communicate to you a realistic time frame for both pick-up and delivery.

Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

We provide door-to-door service to the addresses that you provide us with. There are cases though, where our drivers must meet you at a nearby location such as a parking lot. This can occur if you live on a narrow street, cul-de-sac or if there are low hanging tree branches. Also, there are some municipal weight restrictions and other local laws that can create the need to meet at an alternative location.

Do I need to be present when the car is picked up or delivered?

Yes, you or a designated representative will need to be present. The driver will perform an inspection of the vehicle and will need a signature of release on the bill of lading.

FOR ANY DAMAGES THAT APPEAR TO HAVE OCCURRED DURING TRANSPORT, CALL YOUR REP IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT SIGN THE BILL OF LADING UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO OUR REPRESENTATIVE. If the BOL is signed without notating transport damage a valid insurance claim cannot be filed. All damage claims must be filed against the carrier’s cargo insurance policy. Patriot Transport, LLC, will make every effort to assist the client in making this claim.

How will I know when you will arrive to pick up or deliver my vehicle?

Our dispatcher will be in communication with you throughout your transportation experience. However, the driver will be your contact for the exact pickup and drop off time frames. They will make a phone call with plenty of notice, allowing convenient planning for both pickup and delivery.

Who will drive the car on the vehicle transport? Insurance rules require that the car be placed on the transport equipment by the transport driver.